Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Just call me Alan Titchmarsh

Hope you've all had a wonderful bank holiday! For me and the other half it was a weekend of relaxing and that means crafting in our gaff.

I've been trying to tart up my little garden lately, and sheds really don't 'do' it for me! Far too boring, but with my slight hoarding tendencies , storage is a must!

So off to The shops for some shed paint we went! Surprisingly there was a whole aisle dedicated to the tarting up of sheds. So I picked a lovely fresh colour of duck egg bluey-green. 

Taking full advantage of Mr B's DIY skills we made some lovely little planter boxes, out of an old wooden crate. (I say we) and up went some bunting, but something was missing. Despite its mini makeover i could still peer in and see the 'boy toys' it needed a CURTAIN.


Up into my little crafty room I went, foraging through the ever growing stash of fabrics. That's when I found them! From a couple of months ago I went to a little village fete, for an unhopeful look around.. In a basket underneath a table (yep my bum and feet were hanging out from underneath the table cloth) I found a massive bunch of scrunched up, un loved vintage napkins!!! She sold the lot (42 to be precise) to me for £3. 

A few sewn together and a pretty curtain was born!! Now I am aware that Laura Ashley's career at soft furnishings isn't threatened by my crafty attempt, but I must say I am super happy with the end result. It really brightens the garden up! 

I think a few enamel signs are needed to complete my look then the 'real' gardening can start :-( 
Lots of love
Laura xxx

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