Tuesday, 20 May 2014

TAT OF THE WEEK... The Amsterdam pick.

Hello lovely readers. Happy Tuesday! It's about time for some tat fodder I'd say! As some of you may know, Jenna and I had an exhausting but thrilling adventure over to Amsterdam, purely to quench our  ever growing tat thirst.
 As you can read from the previous post we had THE best time and the ultimate part had to be, the big reveal which means laying it all out in a vintage blanket of treasure, and realising the little bits, in a fit of hysteria that we had forgotten!!! Anyway...after a few moments of glazed eyed 'ooooohhh's' and 'ahhhhhh's' we slapped each other around the face to re focus, and picked our favorite find.
There was no question that this man had to win the prize.

All hail Jesus!!!! Among Jenna's finds, stands a figurine so wonderful it had us both in a spin! After a little bit of bartering Jenna scored this for a real bargain at €15 . He now lives comfortably with Jenna, in the company of her other little vintage religious-wares collection in her house. 

We will be doing a feature on our houses soon! After a tickle around with a feather duster obviously. 

Lots of love 
Laura xx

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