Saturday, 24 May 2014

Saltaire Vintage Home & Fashion Fair

Another weekend and another Saturday morning, running around my local charity shops (within a half mile radius of my home, there are 13...) like a mad woman, scavenging for treasure and other useless things that the Shipley Granny Mafia might have passed up on during the week. 

BUT FIRST! A trip to the beautiful Victoria Hall in Saltaire, conveniently just around the corner from my dilapidated dwellings, to frequent the Saltaire Vintage Home & Fashion Fair! This total treat of an event is hosted every couple of month or so by a lovely lady called Caroline Brown, whose vintage hosting escapades can be found here. The fair is packed over two halls with everything from teeny tiny dessert forks, to girdles, to mounted antlers and everything in between! 

I went with a very tight budget of £10, as the past couple of weeks have seen my tat stocks soar to a catastrophic level (which would usually be brilliant, and it is, but all of my treasure from the past 29 years is still in boxes, almost a year on from moving into our first home, and I'm losing track of it all very quickly!) Still, I managed to score some original 1960s dome prints, one for me, and the other for a friend and drool over the tasty looking cakes that were in the cafe on my way out. Without further ado, here is the stash I acquired this morning -

I got the lamp base at a car boot sale last weekend for 50p, the shade is an addition from today at £1, and the vintage 1980's weighing scales were also a steal at £1.29 from my local Age UK shop! I feel my hoard is justified when it's in the name of charity, don't you?! 

One thing you can always be sure of is where there is tat, there's cake! I see it as sustenance that fuels my finding frenzies! In which case, I should probably live off it! 

Time for bed now anyway, those car boot sales aren't going to empty themselves in the morning!

Happy hunting,

Jenna x

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