Wednesday, 14 May 2014

TAT OF THE WEEK 07/05/14

Happy Tuesday tat lovers.....I thought I'd post our first 'Tat of the week' (cue over harmonised game show song) to get you through your bank holiday mourning.
The idea.... My self and Jenna will be gathering our tat finds that each of us have gotten waaaaay too over excited about that week, and pick one! And give it a super shiny cyber gold star for being, well just fabulous! 
This week...DRUM ROLL please................

Super squeaky Rupert bear!!!!! It's suffice to say I am in love with this not so little man, and at £1 I nearly cried tears of happiness (slightly hysterical)! I will be doing a post about my car booting adventures later in the week! It was a great thrifting day.....! 
Some Rupert facts...... 
1. This old fellas first appearance was way back in 1920!!!! 
2. After all these years, he still features in the daily express! Despite his world wide fame ahhhhh! 
3. He's cute. 

Night night 
Laura xxx

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