Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Downstairs loo, Lav, bog, throne room, john, powder room.

Happy Tuesday sweetie pies. I thought I'd pop by and have a quick chin wag about my downstairs loo!  Now I understand, that talking about toilets is a pretty weird subject, but I'm not talking about the actual porcelain princess..... No no no.... I'm talking about all the pretty ways you can jazz up the smallest room in the house! 
It came to me today that loo's are pretty dull, and yet we spend so much time in there! Some more than others granted (what DO men do in there?) but why settle for a blank canvas while making our flowery deposits? Time to decorate, I'd say. 

Now my loo is a bit of a talking point in my house. It's the first room in the house and it's teeny tiny.... So a pale colour was needed to brighten things up! I suppose a 'normal' person might stop there on the quest of decoration, but to me, unless my guests are perspiring with claustrophobia it hasn't had the desired effect. 

                        (This picture drummed up lots of likes on Instagram...... @justlaura____) 

I have a bit of a 'thing' for pictures, and I would happily hang them on every free bit of wall in my house if I could, but I do have some limits ( I think??) so my boring downstairs toilet became my tat gallery. Pictures, mirrors, paintings, plaques of all colours shapes and sizes now all reside in one space... And do you know what? So what if they don't match. That makes it all the more quirky. 


I used a paper chase gift wrap to cover the tiles, not long term obviously but until I win the lottery and can buy pretty real ones! It's held up okay for over a year! 
I've used a little Cath Kidston tea towel for the window as a makeshift blind, I just sewed some pretty pink pom poms on to jazz it up, and ta da!!!! A toilet/gallery. 

Hope you like it, and if your ever passing by and I'm in then I might let you use it! ;-) 

Lots of love 
Laura xxx

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